Our Companies:

“Vognition has just received a significant institutional investment, and I know my experience and education at TechLaunch allowed me to launch my own company a few years later. As a bonus, one of my TechLaunch mentors became a lifelong coach and is currently a member of my board. So a big thank you to TechLaunch and its network for supporting me to get launched. I will continue to recommend TechLaunch to anyone who has the opportunity to get involved with your team.”
Michael Liguori
Founder & CEO, Vognition

"TechLaunch gave my cofounders and me the opportunity to pursue our passion full-time. We had been meeting on nights and weekends for months, but it wasn't until we knew we had the support of the TechLaunch network behind us that we felt confident to take the plunge. Now, two years later, we have 11 full-time employees and we'll be launching not one, but 4 products this year. Without TechLaunch, I don't know that we'd be here today."
Ryan Shearman
Founder & CEO, FUSAR