After graduating top of his MBA class from the University of Massachusetts in 1991, Mr. Ossa joined a small boutique consulting firm focused on business development.  These formative years taught him the importance for small companies to stay focused, drive sales and maintain a solid operational back end.

In 1998, Mr. Ossa founded Rosetta Technology Group, a multi-million dollar business consulting firm that has been profitable since inception.  During its peak, Rosetta generated over 6 million in annual sales with 45 employees.  Rosetta continues to be profitable today, as well as secure projects with Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations.

Two years later, Mr. Ossa co-founded, and directly contributed to the firm reaching over 100 million in yearly sales.  As a firm grown out of the spare bedroom in his house, he went on to manage over 300 employees in Fulfillment, Customer Service and Technology.  Mr. Ossa was critical in raising over 110 million in venture funding.  Mr. Ossa participated in the “road show” and the IPO offering [the IPO was pulled in mid 2000 when the markets dried up].  The company continues to grow and thrive, now relocated in Omaha (

Subsequent to, Mr. Ossa founded; a container pricing and bidding system.  Over 8 million dollars of venture and Angel funding was raised.  Mr. Ossa was the founder and initial CEO, and he hired his replacement, Mr. Dick Murphy, the then CEO of Maersk Sealand.  With the help of Mr. Ossa, the company became a logistics company, renaming itself “NeoModal”.  The company grew to over 50 employees, and was later sold to Descartes systems [NASDAQ: DSGX].

Live Audience Business Solution was Mr. Ossa’s next venture.  The Company produced actionable marketing information for the perishable good industry.  Again, Mr. Ossa was a co-founder and grew the company from zero sales to over a dozen corporate clients including Radio City, Disney and the Trenton Titans.  It was these marquee clients that helped lead the company to success.  Mr. Ossa was the COO and CTO, leading all client interactions, as well as the product development.  Smart Data Management [] purchased Live Audience Business Solution.

For the past few years, Mr. Ossa has concentrated on helping Pharmaceutical companies better understand their prescription data, and the prescribing trends of their doctors.  As a consultant, Mr. Ossa has been successful in working with large fortune 100 companies on Business Intelligence, process improvement and large scale product management and system deployment.  His projects have ranged in size from several hundred thousand, to over $5 million with a deployment of over 3,000 users.  During his career he has personally developed over 20 windows and internet based applications ranging from CRM and Fulfillment systems to ERP, logistics and e-commerce systems.

Mr. Ossa has lectured on entrepreneurship, small business development as well as Angel and Venture Capital investing.  He has been a featured judge on the “Sharkette Tank”, as well as a panelist and judge for the Venture Association of New Jersey.  He welcomes opportunities to work with, and invest in start-up companies.

Today Mr. Ossa lives with his wife and four boys in NJ, and continues to maintain his partnership of various companies.  He has various active projects.