David E. Gross

is an angel investor and serial entrepreneur, founding companies that provide innovative technology, mainly serving the defense market. His experience includes: senior management; strategic and technical direction; business development; fund raising; and mergers and acquisitions. His entrepreneurial experience includes the founding of DRS Technologies, Cryptek, RaySat, WeldObot and currently co-founder of Algometrex, a Medical Device Company. In addition he serves on the boards of several technology companies and invests through DEG Ventures. Mr. Gross holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, and a BEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. While at Rensselaer, he received awards for winning various competitions sponsored by the IRE and AIEE.

Professional Career:

2015 – To present, Algometrex Inc. – Co-founder and Board member. Algometrex develops medical devices for pediatric uses.

2014 – To present, WeldObot Ltd. – Co-founder and Board member. WeldObot develops and markets robotic welding equipment for large diameter pipes as well as provides Plasma welding equipment to the US Navy.

2006-2014, RaySat Antenna Systems (RAS) LLC – Founder, Chairman, CEO, and President.  RAS designs, develops and manufactures broadband, low profile, Satcom-on the-Move terminals. Its equipment is being used on various military mobile platforms, including boats, UAV’s, and a wide variety of ground vehicles. This is a disruptive technology that has created a rapidly emerging market.  RAS was purchased by Gilat in 2010.

1996-2005 Cryptek Secure Communications LLC – Founder, Chairman, CEO, and President.  Cryptek designs, develops and manufactures secure, Mil-spec Fax machines, primarily for the US Army.  Thousands were delivered and performed exceptionally well in war time conditions.  Cryptek also developed network security devices that could provide cross domain capability.

1994-1996 independent consultant

1969-1994 Co-founder, and President, DRS Inc.- The Company achieved early success by employing  COTS digital signal processing equipment to penetrate the ASW market.  Mr. Gross was selected by the Navy to chair a major Government/Industry study to develop “New Directions in ASW Signal Processing and Display”.  As revenues and profits increased, the Company was able to do an IPO in the early 80’s. With the additional financing, the company grew through Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as organically. In 1987 DRS won a contract for Multi-Purpose Display Systems that led to billions in sales for these systems.  Ultimately, DRS achieved annual revenues of $3B and was sold to Finmeccanica, where it currently provides a broad range of equipment and services to the global defense market.

1960-1969 Loral Electronics Systems, Director of Advanced Systems- Mr. Gross managed a study and development project for the Navy that was to result in the P-3C ASW system. He also conducted Business Development activities.

1958-1960 Acoustica Associates Inc., Assistant to the President- Mr. Gross worked as an engineer on the Atlas Missile. He also won a contract from NASA for research on Thrust Vector Control on solid propellant rockets.