Upon graduating Penn State, Bill started working with Deloitte, the world’s largest accounting firm, in their Philadelphia office.  He worked there for 11 years before accepting a job with one of his clients, a publicly held company in the cemetery industry, as their Chief Financial Officer.  He worked at that company for 11 years until they were sold when Bill, the President, and the Vice President of Sales started their own company with the goal to be a cemetery consolidator.  They grew their company for eight years and sold it to a larger cemetery consolidator.  After the sale, Bill went to work for this company for three years before starting his current company with his partner in 1999.  This company, StoneMor Partners, went public in 2004 and is now the second largest company in the cemetery industry, with almost 400 locations and 4,000 employees.   He has extensive experience in building a company from the earliest stages to IPO.