“The Share911 team was humbled to win the award. It's truly unfortunate that our business has to exist but the attendees provided great affirmation of our mission to improve the outcome of the violent critical incidents happening in our nation's schools and workplaces.”

Erik Endress

Share911 Co-Founder and CEO

“We are thrilled about the validation of our enterprise class creative collaboration platform from this great panel of judges. We truly appreciate everything TechLaunch has done to help Inkbench as well as its efforts on behalf of the NJ tech community.”

George Abraham

Inkbench CEO

“TechLaunch has provided Speak2 Software with an amazing array of value, providing the guidance and mentoring that has been critical for our growth. We are excited to engage with the sponsoring companies to help us grow our business.”

Matt Smith

CEO, Speak2 Software

“It was an honor to have been chosen to pitch and then win at the BullPen. My mentor, Ratan Agarwal, really set my pitch deck up for success. I am extremely excited to now work with Mario Casabona and the TechLaunch team on bringing SiLAS to the next level.”

Chris Dudick


“The BullPen showcases startups like us who want to make a difference in the world. As our loved ones show an increased desire to age in place this puts stress and challenges on their adult children who provide care. With the support of TechLaunch we look forward to improving the lives of these caregivers as they support their aging loved ones.”

Ryan Herd

Caregiver Smart Solutions Founder & CEO

"It was an exciting honor to present to the TechLaunch group. To be the winner of BullPen #10 and recognized for Safe-Com's breakthrough technology and business model was a tremendous validation of (Mentor) Henry Wojtunik’s vision and our hard work. The $20,000 of services is definitely a big help to a start-up!"

Steve Clark

Co-Founder & CEO, Safe-Com Wireless

"TechLaunch was extremely helpful to our business - from the application process, to the outstanding mentoring, to the way the event was conducted - each step was positive, professional and supportive. We are already feeling the impact and benefits to our business growth."

Denise Hayman-Loa

Co-Founder & CEO, Carii

“Welnys’ experience at TechLaunch was amazing! Our mentor gave us great advice on how to improve our pitch, the judges made themselves available afterwards for follow-up meetings, and we made several investor connections.”

Heather Waibel

Founder and CEO, Welnys

“Vognition has just received a significant institutional investment, and I know my experience and education at TechLaunch allowed me to launch my own company a few years later. As a bonus, one of my TechLaunch mentors became a lifelong coach and is currently a member of my board. So a big thank you to TechLaunch and its network for supporting me to get launched. I will continue to recommend TechLaunch to anyone who has the opportunity to get involved with your team.”

Michael Liguori

Founder & CEO, Vognition

"TechLaunch gave my cofounders and me the opportunity to pursue our passion full-time. We had been meeting on nights and weekends for months, but it wasn't until we knew we had the support of the TechLaunch network behind us that we felt confident to take the plunge. Now, two years later, we have 11 full-time employees and we'll be launching not one, but 4 products this year. Without TechLaunch, I don't know that we'd be here today."

Ryan Shearman

Founder & CEO, FUSAR