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Ant Robotics, a company which has perfected a robotic solution for on-demand material handling at factories and manufacturing plants.

Eventdex is an all in one Virtual, Hybrid, and On-Site event management platform with a combination of web and native mobile apps. Eventdex is a leader in business matchmaking software for diversity events with intelligent AI Matching, well poised to take advantage of the future of Hybrid events.

EZ Health, a first of its kind health tech platform which makes healthcare easy and accessible for non-English speaking patients.

TheClub is an interactive livestreaming app made specifically for DJs & Partygoers. We help partygoers find and attend parties that are happening in real time via DJ livestreams.

Tripkicks is a simple add-on for business travel programs that provides actionable insights for trips, guidance on appropriate spend and behavior, and an enhanced traveler experience.

Neoneur’s digital developmental biomarker for neonates can detect complications in feeding and respiration, making it possible to identify infection as well as growth/developmental complications, thereby ensuring improved care, earlier discharge, and reduced readmissions for vulnerable neonatal infants.



Calamu fragments data files, encrypts and scatters them across multiple public clouds using a patented process in a way that makes the data 100% breach-proof, immune to ransomware, and compliant.

Ziotag is a SaaS based AI-powered video player that makes searching and navigating video content a seamless experience.

Audio Directions provides a range of proprietary solutions that enable organizations that serve members of the public who have hearing loss to hear clearly even in spaces where hearing aids magnify background noise.

eMedEvents is a physician-founded, global medical education marketplace started with a simple idea of having a definitive online search portal for finding the right medical conference with the right CME credits.

Inkbench is an easy-to-use, Enterprise-class, SaaS creative collaboration platform that empowers users at all skill levels – from lay-user to seasoned designer – to efficiently create and work together on brand-compliant visuals for social media, websites, intranets and other communications channels.

Speak2 provides the only comprehensive voice command software focused on senior-care in the market. We allow Senior Living Residents to make requests using their voice, integrate to existing pull cord systems, and control the environment via smart technology. Speak2 Software uses common off the shelf devices like an Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant. Speak2’s mission is to provide better care for our aging loved ones through voice command.

Caregiver Smart Solutions The older Baby Boomers are trendsetting again creating Aging in Place phenomenon. The 44.5 million American 65+ want to live their golden years at home. But this desire has created a burden for their adult children.  Even for those who benefit from paid in-home care, the stresses, time away from our own families and added costs can be life-altering. Caregiver Smart Solutions solves that challenge as our Peace of MindTM Sensors, placed strategically throughout our loved one’s home, track their movements and habits and deliver data to the CSS app so we know that everything is OK or if added care is needed.

Safe-Com Wireless is creating a technology revolution in Public Safety ‘in-building’ communications for first responders, in a large high growth market.  Our solution solves the 911 issue of ineffective communication inside buildings. We manufacture advanced fiber Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) products differentiated as the most compact, power-efficient Fiber DAS, with built-in redundancy and integrated IOT sensor system. The Company has leveraged over three decades of public safety expertise to introduce leading-edge DAS products that overcomes many shortcomings of legacy DAS’s in the market today.


KidGooRoo is the #1 online resource for parent-reviewed kids’ activities. The service is absolutely free for parents and businesses with the goal of helping guide children toward the passions that will shape their future happiness.

Carii’s technology allows communication and engagement through absolutely seamless branded communities in a variety of industries.

Welnys is a marketplace for workplace wellness services. We connect companies to vetted health and wellness professionals in yoga, nutrition, meditation and more. With Welnys, employers can create, manage and measure the programs employees want; vendors are matched to jobs that are safe, recurring and profitable.

PCI GLOBAL builds digital business games deployed in a team based learning model to each student laptop anywhere in the world, to solve corporate training’s biggest problem – how can future leaders most quickly and cost-effectively learn, retain and apply key MANAGEMENT and LEADERSHIP skill sets.