Our Companies

Ant Robotics, a company which has perfected a robotic solution for on-demand material handling at factories and manufacturing plants.

PigPug Easy-to-use EEG headsets designed for sensitive kids are a non-invasive method of studying the functional state of the brain by registering its bioelectrical activity. Neuroheadset measures current brain activity signal and transforms it to focus level.

SyberGRC Accurately identify and classify sensitive data stored across your endpoints, databases, or in the cloud, with the added power of Artificial Intelligence. Our Threat Defense matrix determines security around your most valuable data so that you can deploy risk-appropriate security controls and constantly respond to various compliance mandates.

Eventdex is an all in one Virtual, Hybrid, and On-Site event management platform with a combination of web and native mobile apps. Eventdex is a leader in business matchmaking software for diversity events with intelligent AI Matching, well poised to take advantage of the future of Hybrid events.

BettorFantasy is the first betting platform dedicated to combining the fast-growing worlds of fantasy sports & sports betting. It provides a brand new way to engage with fantasy sports by letting users bet on their own leagues’ matchups and outcomes along with other popular betting contests.

Proximity is a leading specialist in the domain or proximity, authentication and automation solutions for public and private sector organizations. We focus on automating every day processes, specializing in Workforce Attendance Management and Waste Weight Automation solutions through mobile and web-based Technologies.

EZ Health, a first of its kind health tech platform which makes healthcare easy and accessible for non-English speaking patients.

Stereotheque - a collaboration tool for creatives that connects businesses with on-demand, remote, creative teams at a fraction of the cost and time.

IRONBOUND Media  - a podcast production studio & independent network that helps veteran-owned businesses engage their perfect customer through “Dog Whistle Branding”.

TheClub is an interactive livestreaming app made specifically for DJs & Partygoers. We help partygoers find and attend parties that are happening in real time via DJ livestreams.

Cultivate Health’s hands-free healthcare voice assistant technology "EMT ASSIST" understands patients’ unique needs and provides relevant, actionable guidance for emergency healthcare clinicians in the field.  We also collect and report real-time, interoperable data making the healthcare networks more efficient and safer for greater pre-hospital experiences with more positive patient outcomes.

Trustd offers a B2B solution for Property Managers to solve the problem of guests behaving badly. Our system seamlessly integrates with partner booking systems, processes the guest data to form a Guest Trust Score, and delivers the results back to Property Manager in real time. Property Managers would mitigate guest risks and lower their cost of operation of rental properties.

Tripkicks is a simple add-on for business travel programs that provides actionable insights for trips, guidance on appropriate spend and behavior, and an enhanced traveler experience.

Viora Health reduces disease progression (and episodic costs of care) by addressing rising risks due to social and behavioral determinants of health (SBDOH). Our personalized SBDOH solution uniquely combines algorithms with programming and facilitation to engage underserved populations to be successful with their health.

WearWorks builds products and experiences that communicate information through touch. Wayband, our first product, is a wristband that gently guides a user to a destination using only vibration, without the need for any visual or audio cues. And in 2017, Wayband helped the first person with a visual impairment run in the NYC Marathon without sighted assistance.

Neoneur’s digital developmental biomarker for neonates can detect complications in feeding and respiration, making it possible to identify infection as well as growth/developmental complications, thereby ensuring improved care, earlier discharge, and reduced readmissions for vulnerable neonatal infants.

SwingShot provides a virtual sports training platform to the PGA Teaching profession that includes an in-field Cyclops Camera for capturing valuable video content, cloud services for storage, software, and access to select SwingShot certified PGA teaching professionals within their established Marketplace.

Arke Aeronautics has created a Situational Intelligence Platform that connects First Responders to life-saving information on their mobile devices and tablets so they know where to go and what to expect before arriving on the scene, a solution providing critical and life-saving info when it’s needed the most.



Calamu fragments data files, encrypts and scatters them across multiple public clouds using a patented process in a way that makes the data 100% breach-proof, immune to ransomware, and compliant.



Career.Place is a subscription-based HR Tech startup that removes the bias, risk, and high costs of candidate screening. It accomplishes this by offering a blind candidate screening solution to promote diverse and efficient hiring.



TapArt is the first graphic design marketplace exclusively for wall art, which empowers digital artists around the world to bring their designs to the user's door, ready to hang. The company handles the marketing and fulfillment of products, helping artists stay focused on what they do best while giving them a royalty on every purchase.

Ziotag is a SaaS based AI-powered video player that makes searching and navigating video content a seamless experience.

Bright Cloud International is built on $4.1 Million in Grants and is FDA-registered and market-ready.  Phase II studies showed statistical improvements for Stroke and Alzheimer’s, a $383 Billion Market.

Baru enables its customers to resize furniture in Augmented Reality before buying. Baru makes it in your hometown and delivers it the following week.



Visionrace is for political candidates, surveyors, and direct-to-consumer business owners, who are stuck wasting hours with manually writing checks and working in excel spreadsheets to manage their door-to-door outreach. Visionrace efficiently schedules, automates, and processes canvassing efforts.

Audio Directions provides a range of proprietary solutions that enable organizations that serve members of the public who have hearing loss to hear clearly even in spaces where hearing aids magnify background noise.

BuckleBath is a new innovative tech enabled Service Company that was founded by an ex-Google employee and Mom of two, on the basis of solving the messy and unsanitary problem of dirty, germy children’s car seats.

Boostpoint provides professional home service businesses an efficient way to manage their own social media advertising. Boostpoint is a SaaS platform that enables its users to advertise on Facebook and Instagram in a hyper-targeted way which results in users being able to generate their own leads to grow their business.

eMedEvents is a physician-founded, global medical education marketplace started with a simple idea of having a definitive online search portal for finding the right medical conference with the right CME credits.

Hooke Audio boasts a patented, mobile 3D audio recording system – compatible with any mobile device – which has revolutionized the way life’s moments are captured via a headphone/microphone that recreates a true sonic experience which accentuates video playback with exceptional realism.

Teleplus Healthcare offers global chronic care management to providers, assisting them with the goal of preventing relapses and readmissions to hospitals.

CheckMate is a service that is designed to streamline the process of checking boat-parts for ILCA (International Laser Class Association) racing events. Our application service uses QR codes to verify the data that must be captured before these racing events. The information is gathered on a phone or tablet device, verifies the information with the manufacturer on the back-end, and then stores all data in a cloud service database as a means to track all boat and event history.


Inkbench is an easy-to-use, Enterprise-class, SaaS creative collaboration platform that empowers users at all skill levels – from lay-user to seasoned designer – to efficiently create and work together on brand-compliant visuals for social media, websites, intranets and other communications channels.

Share911 is an alerting, navigation and accountability app that uses real-time reports from employees to improve the outcome emergencies in K-12 schools, hospitals, businesses, government facilities and houses of worship.

UPROOT is an innovative home equity solution that expands home ownership options and financial security for the military. We remove inefficiency, risk and hassle to create a real estate market for short-term homeowners that currently does not exist.

Speak2 provides the only comprehensive voice command software focused on senior-care in the market. We allow Senior Living Residents to make requests using their voice, integrate to existing pull cord systems, and control the environment via smart technology. Speak2 Software uses common off the shelf devices like an Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant. Speak2’s mission is to provide better care for our aging loved ones through voice command.

UrboLabs provides universal mobile platform that permits organizations and Small/Medium size businesses to interact with users mobile device without the challenge of designing, building or supporting their own custom mobile app. Organizations can send updates to members, targeted groups and other businesses, just like they would using their own custom app. Our vision is to offer the power of the platform to a wide variety of clients who do not want to develop an app, and provide users the flexibility of interacting with multiple businesses without needing to add custom app for each business or organization they wish to keep current with.

CATAPULT is a marketing platform that enables SMBs to acquire video content that attracts target customers to their brand. This is becoming increasingly strategic as video becomes the predominant medium for all internet consumers by 2021.


SURGERi is a healthcare AI startup based in Princeton, NJ. SURGERi’s team is working on developing Machine Learning & Clinical Intelligence product to capture Real World Data and analyze Patient Outcomes of surgical procedures.


ribbit.io is an inventive app that uses crowd-sourcing technology to connect consumers to local sustainable restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Currently, 65% of consumers prefer to dine at restaurants they know are sustainable. To make these locations more discoverable, Ribbit leverages our users’ input, through a series of questions, on key sustainability-minded factors about the establishment (i.e. does the location have locally sourced ingredients?). Once the user answers the questions (a process that takes seconds), a color-coded letter grading is generated and populated on our map, which makes it easy for other users to discover.

SiLAS. Funded by the National Science Foundation, SiLAS is a first of its kind browser-based software that allows students to act out social scenes using video game controllers and microphones to control their own 3D avatars.  Students work in groups or with their teachers. SiLAS records the interaction in real-time, then produces a studio-quality animation that teachers and students can watch and share, critique, and assess. Student-performance data can be tracked by teachers, with charts that show improvement over time. Animations are saved in guardian accounts allowing for year-to-year carryover.

OnGo Energy has created the most efficient energy supplement on the market.  Combining the highest concentration of caffeine in a liquid form with a metered sprayer, OnGo is equally safe as it is effective.  Just one pocket sized bottle packs the equivalent of 18 energy drinks for a two-week supply. OnGo is already endorsed by two great Olympians; however, drivers, students, doctors – or anyone that needs a quick boost on-the-go, can benefit from OnGo’s portability and efficacy.  We will start with direct to consumer model with subscription to maximize lifetime value, then enter strategic retail locations.

Scanifly. The solar industry has grown significantly over the last 10 years; however, it still suffers from a very manual, inefficient value chain. Scanifly has created a drone-based software for solar installers that automates the development and maintenance process. With a live product and paying customers since mid-2017, Scanifly reduces surveying and design time by 90%, while enhancing system accuracy and worker safety. The Scanifly team has a combined 25-years of solar and software experience. This informs their vision to centralize solar’s entire process on one platform, and identify opportunities to expand to other industries.

Aersys is an infrastructure startup developing a network of automated micro-fulfillment centers to support the adoption of drones, rovers, and other technologies in the delivery industry. With increasing consumer demand for fast, flexible, and affordable last-mile and local delivery, new automated delivery technologies like drones and rovers have become the industry’s answer. As these technologies approach commercial viability, their limited range poses a challenge. Delivery companies now need to build networks of thousands of micro-fulfillment centers to supplement or replace large fulfillment centers. For every delivery company to do that is impractical, so we’re creating a single universally-compatible network.

Caregiver Smart Solutions The older Baby Boomers are trendsetting again creating Aging in Place phenomenon. The 44.5 million American 65+ want to live their golden years at home. But this desire has created a burden for their adult children.  Even for those who benefit from paid in-home care, the stresses, time away from our own families and added costs can be life-altering. Caregiver Smart Solutions solves that challenge as our Peace of MindTM Sensors, placed strategically throughout our loved one’s home, track their movements and habits and deliver data to the CSS app so we know that everything is OK or if added care is needed.

Tendo Technologies provides flow sensors and controllers for customers who require extremely accurate control of fluids. Our device utilizes a new patent-pending Silicon based flow measurement technology, developed at Princeton University, that is accurate, sensitive, scalable, and compatible with a wide variety of fluids (both in gas and liquid). This unique combination of features means that our technology can address the needs of a large number of markets. Our first market is precision manufacturing, particularly in the fragrance/flavor industry. Current controllers lack the necessary accuracy, resulting in a slow serialized process. Tendo Technologies drastically increase factory capacity by enabling parallelized processing.

Road2College helps families manage the confusing and complex process of college financial planning, including finding the appropriate schools and securing the best financial aid and merit scholarships. Road2College offers parents a planning solution with forums, tools, services and data. Our subscription services give families actionable information to find colleges that can offer their student merit scholarships and financial aid, access to experts, along with tools to properly compare financial aid offers, net costs, 4-year cash flows and potential loan financing options. Road2College is built around a ‘freemium’ business model, with revenues from subscriptions, sponsors, online seminars and lead generation fees.

MedEd’s first application EZevals solves a problem within many residency programs. During a resident’s medical training, there are paper evaluations that should be completed in order to track his or her progress. These forms are not accurate, so a software application allows the forms to be completed accurately and in real time. The feedback given can be seen as soon as it is complete, so the residents know how to improve. The data collected by the application includes a digital audit trail allowing medical institutions to present verifiable data collection methodologies to accreditation boards.

Park With Me is an online American company that operates with two types of customers: a Host and a User. Park With Me allows Hosts to rent out their parking space to earn extra income. PWM lets users reserve potential parking spaces at a much lower price than regular parking garages.

Diamond Hedge is the first Augmented Reality (AR) diamond comparison company. We use proprietary AR technology to let consumers try on different diamond rings from anywhere in the world.  The consumer can change the center diamond, carat size and ring setting (in white, yellow, or rose gold).  And then can purchase the diamond ring after comparing the price with all the leading diamond companies (ie Blue Nile, Zales, Kay Jewelers, Jared and a number of other companies).  We offer an AR picture version or an AR live version.  No other company has done this before.  We have been featured in The New York Times, FORBES, Glamour, VOGUE, InStyle, Brides, Yahoo, and a number of other publications.

Safe-Com Wireless is creating a technology revolution in Public Safety ‘in-building’ communications for first responders, in a large high growth market.  Our solution solves the 911 issue of ineffective communication inside buildings. We manufacture advanced fiber Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) products differentiated as the most compact, power-efficient Fiber DAS, with built-in redundancy and integrated IOT sensor system. The Company has leveraged over three decades of public safety expertise to introduce leading-edge DAS products that overcomes many shortcomings of legacy DAS’s in the market today.


At LiveShopBuy, we believe there’s a strong connection between the economic growth of a community and the interpersonal relationship among its local merchants and consumers. We venture to make evident this correlation by means of our eCommerce, education and technology platform. We’re like an Amazon, Yellow Pages, Groupon and Yelp all in one, but exclusively for small to mid-size business. And what’s more, we give 5% of our net profits back to the communities from which sales originate, to help fund charitable programs for the homeless, senior care, food banks and families in distress.

Afari is a decentralized social network that gives people greater control over their data and privacy, and helps creators monetize their content that others enjoy. On Afari, user data isn’t kept with the company, but with users, in storage that users own, thanks to Afari’s partnership with Blockchain infrastructure company Blockstack. Afari was co-founded by 3 Princeton Computer Science graduates with research experience in Blockchain technology and computer systems. Afari won 1st place in the TigerLaunch student startup competition, completed the Princeton eLab Startup Accelerator and secured $100k in seed funding from the Blockstack Signature Fund for decentralized applications.

KidGooRoo is the #1 online resource for parent-reviewed kids’ activities. The service is absolutely free for parents and businesses with the goal of helping guide children toward the passions that will shape their future happiness.

Zeblok was formed in Dec 2014 with $350,000 in SAFE investor cash mid-2016. We have accumulated over $5 million in R&D toward development of a highly scalable, real-time and continuous edge-to-cloud sensor area network culminating in smart gait products and bio-informatics cloud for the healthcare industry.  Our primary customers are Clinical Trial Sponsors, Academic Research and the list is growing.  We plan to expand product reach this year as we position Zeblok’s first smart gait tracking/ electronic biomarker algorithm product as an approved medical device.


iCashout is a mobile customer engagement platform that helps customers save time by letting them order & pay at restaurants without having to wait for restaurant staff.  For merchants, iCashout is a virtual waiter available to help their customers and collection their information. iCashout provides a customizable kiosk and mobile app for a customer to use both in-store and out-of-store to place orders. Unlike other online ordering/kiosk companies, the iCashout order integrates directly with a restaurant’s POS system and prints orders directly to its kitchen.

Carii’s technology allows communication and engagement through absolutely seamless branded communities in a variety of industries.

Cinematcher is an on-demand marketplace enabling film and TV productions to connect, hire and manage local and diverse talent instantly – globally. Cinematcher democratizes and simplifies the entertainment industry’s hiring and onboarding process and creates an ecosystem that equips the industry with the ability to find, manage, get paid, create and share. Lights.Camera.Connect. #CrewGoals


Z&N Designs is an online children’s apparel company. It’s our mission to implement new, fresh, and innovative ideas to keep our apparel designs one step ahead of the rest. Our designs allow our customers to play around with their clothes, express how they feel and walk around in style! Fresh colors and playful unique designs are the hallmarks of Z &N Designs. Our enthusiastic approach ignites a sense of wonder in the children and encourages them to discover themselves and express how they feel in style with a sprint of glowing charm. We call it dressing and living vibrantly in an entirely new way!

1Degree is a platform that facilitates one-on-one video connections between influencers and their fans. Your followers on the app will receive a push notification when you signal your willingness and availability to connect. Set your availability and simply sit back, relax and review the FaceTime offers from your fans. And voila, you’re instantly chatting face-to-face with one of your fans from around the world. After your chat, you can choose to keep or easily donate your proceeds to your favorite cause.

BrandVerge is an online platform where advertisers can access and manage premium marketing programs on demand, delivering qualified leads to publishers.  Before BrandVerge, this process was done through a manual RFP process integrated with research, meetings and endless back and forth on email.  BrandVerge brings key buyer signals into an online discovery tool that makes it easy to find, compare, and finalize program options while providing sellers with a platform to manage direct-sell opportunities, increase buyer consideration, and drive qualified leads.


Welnys is a marketplace for workplace wellness services. We connect companies to vetted health and wellness professionals in yoga, nutrition, meditation and more. With Welnys, employers can create, manage and measure the programs employees want; vendors are matched to jobs that are safe, recurring and profitable.

The purpose of the Retrender is to allow customers to expand their closet, save money, and profit off their current closet of clothes. College students and young adults find staying fashionable to be expensive as trends are always changing and do not want to repeat their outfits. Retrender will offer a unique online platform which will allow customers to rent different types of apparel, to and from each other, also allowing customers to make money.

Homeowners Hub is a convenient platform that solves the homeowner’s maintenance, repair, and renovation needs and the contractors back and front office pains. Homeowners receive concierge services via subscription (includes freebies and discounts) or a-la-carte (no freebies and discounts). We screen contractors, provide scheduling, final payment and a satisfaction guarantee. We assist contractors with estimates, customer service, billing and collections. The transaction lifecycle is automated and complemented by a customer service support component for the homeowner and contractor. Our website integrates with a CRM, payables, receivables, & accounting system.

Centiment is a SaaS web product focused on using sentiment analysis for Advertising agencies, the company also has a Data Management Platform. Centiment is focused on solving inefficient advertising using Thought Driven AI and has IBM and Sprint Partnerships.

PCI GLOBAL builds digital business games deployed in a team based learning model to each student laptop anywhere in the world, to solve corporate training’s biggest problem – how can future leaders most quickly and cost-effectively learn, retain and apply key MANAGEMENT and LEADERSHIP skill sets.

Urban Nomadic strives to innovate in various areas such as the fashion industry by engineering products that are both durable and eco-friendly. The Geo-bag collection is at the forefront of the next fashion revolution. We have developed unique bio-materials as well as an intelligent low cost production process that uses no pollutants. Additionally, we have created innovative personal bag designs that are both stylish and comfortable while adding functionality found only in our collection. Our form also allows the freedom of no mechanical closures, giving us the opportunity to create a collection that is entirely compostable. Geo-Bag is just the beginning of fashion products that will be produced. We aim to change the industry not just with our own products, but with working with other companies to use the same eco-friendly materials for a better planet.

Auto i, developed by Mobile Intelligent Alerts, Inc. is the most advanced vehicle security system on the market.  The Auto i utilizes a patented software solution that will revolutionize car security.  Unlike traditional dash cams that simply record all non-events, the Auto i (utilizing a 360 degree camera that sits underneath the rear-view mirror) detects any impact or movement on a vehicle and sends a video of the event to the user’s smart phone.   During our crowdfunding campaigns (raised over $185k) we received overwhelming demand from large companies.  Because of this, we have identified the B2B market as path to success as well as low hardware costs with an annual subscription.   We have identified the potential that the connected car holds and have developed the first (and second of many products) of what we have called the Interstate of ThingsTM, starting with the Auto I.

SocialLadder has become the leading brand ambassador network and technology for the live events space.   Many of the world’s premier festivals and events rely on our platform to organically build ambassador teams, incentivize those ambassadors to promote on social media and most importantly turn those ambassadors into the most effective sales agents. The technology is a self-service platform for building, managing and analyzing ambassador teams.  Our users (ambassadors) use the mobile application to promote existing live events brands.  SocialLatter’s existing clients (live event organizers/promoters) such as Eventbrite, use the web portal to manage and analyze the team promoting for their event. We have seen a steady 30% increase in revenue quarter to quarter. Currently our network is >100,000 users.

Teamium is a disruptive centralized SaaS platform for video production firms to source all their production needs (equipment, facilities, services and talent) with agility, precision and cost effectiveness. Our integrated collaborative workflow tools streamline management of entire production process from sales quotation to billing with greater flexibility and control. Content creators, suppliers and freelancers lack ready access to media jobs resulting in gross underutilization of services and expensive equipment.  Furthermore, production teams rely on legacy systems or basic tools such as spreadsheets, loosely bound emails and web calendars to schedule and manage production processes resulting in more headcount, longer time, higher costs and maximum stress.  Teamium’s centralized platform makes it very easy to find, contract, schedule and manage the most suitable and cost effective resources from trusted or open networks, saving time and increasing productivity.

MilkCrate has built a platform for large groups to track and grow their impact. We are a mission-driven B-Corp Certified company that has built a tool like a customizable Fitbit for doing good – so that our clients can engage their members in the kind of positive behavior they seek to amplify in the world. We work with major corporations doing Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Employee Engagement, real estate management firms who need to earn tenant sustainability education certification points, as well as nonprofits with missions to engage and track individual behavior changes amongst large groups. With MilkCrate, it’s finally easy to do good (and track it!).

The Buzz will offer a healthy, traditional drink product at an affordable cost that is totally unique in a current untapped market. We will produce a niche product that is a mead-infused, antioxidant and probiotic rich health drink within the crafted beverage category. Each bottle of crafted beverage fusion will be labeled with a unique, seed embedded label. After consuming the beverage which has already supported the bee community and the environment plus provided the health benefits to the consumer, you now will have the ability to directly influence the preservation of nature by planting the fully biodegradable paper product.

Orion iConstellation is an Enterprise SaaS platform targeted towards large complex organizations to help identify/retain high value assets and optimize IT spend while reducing cost, risk, and complexity due to redundancy and large asset footprint. Orion was founded in 2013 by Venkatesh Iyer and Asim Akram. The Orion team brings combined 50+ years of industry experience with intimate knowledge of current tools and market trends. Founders met at Goldman Sachs where they shared their experiences and the need to help customers in a “better, faster, and cheaper” way. The idea of iConstellation platform was born, developed, and brought to market in the course of the next two years while successfully deploying the software for our first client – CBC.

SportsGuru is the place where fans talk about sports on video. We leverage video technology with a passionate fan community to source, curate, and distribute fan opinions across different platforms. The fan videos created through our app are syndicated regularly with publishers such as NY Daily News, Chicago Tribune, SF Chronicle, and many others. We currently reach close to 2mm viewers a month, and started generating ad revenue in February through rev-share deals. We are disrupting the sports media industry by providing low-cost yet high-quality sports content, in an industry that’s undergoing major changes. We aim to become a leading sports media company.

Smart Water Analyzer (SWA1) is a unique commercial grade system which continuously analyses the quality of running water, sensing for general turbidity, microbiological and/or organic contamination., and provides results in real-time. The company’s goal is to further develop the FluidSens system to address specific clients’ requirements and selling through global distributors. The market is over $100 billion globally. Our product can be used to monitor water quality in critical applications such as food and beverage production, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, residential buildings, municipalities, hotels and restaurants, and water filtration companies.

iSport360, in January 2017, has launched a one-of-a-kind player development app that allows coaches and parents to share data, goals and objective feedback throughout the season and especially at the dreaded tryout time. The app and proprietary database of well-defined sports skills is helping teams share coach feedback, improve player development and increase parent engagement. Our targeted market includes over 70MM sports parents and 10MM coaches in the US alone. The youth sports technology market is in its infancy and on its way to a $5B value by 2021. In addition, to build a community and brand around our app, we also launched a newsletter for sports parents and coaches called “The Chaotic World of Youth Sports.”

Vognition provides a home voice IoT portal solution for manufacturers of smart home “hubs” and devices. A voice portal is any device that allows you to voice control your home like your iOS, Android, Windows phone, Echo, Google Home, smart speaker, smart watch, smart glasses, car, smart motorcycle helmet, wall plates or anything else with a microphone. These smart home hubs enable homeowners to control their “smart home devices” (e.g. lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, and more) from a single smart home app. The company provides a unique advantage to any IoT manufacturer to add a full voice control solution to their system. Vognition is live in over 100,000 homes, generated revenue from 2 customers, a fully functional product, an issued patent and a customer prospect pipeline.

Staffsmart Software Solutions is a Software-as-a-Service platform which acts as an employee management tool for caterers and staffing agencies.  It is uniquely event driven and automatically allocates staff across multiple events based on a series of scheduling logic.  The platform also confirms attendance, enables real-time monitoring and alerts, documents compliance and allows for quick action when staff cancel without notice or fail to report for work.

HootBoard simplifies communications for large organizations by creating a unified communications experience over webmobilescreens and email. Over 3000 organizations currently use HootBoard’s free version and our revenue has been growing at an average of over 30% MoM since we turned on our paid plans late last year. Additionally, we have a pipeline of 1.6 Million ARR that we are currently pursuing.


Visual Factory Management (VFM) is a term to describe how data and information is analyzed, interpreted and then communicated in a lean systems engineering environment. Avollo focuses on manufacturing systems and factory improvement. Our novel computerized dashboard methodology and interactive multimedia toolkit, combined with VFM principles, focuses on finding, collecting, analyzing, presenting and data mining Key Process Indicators that help engineering management to make better decisions.

Untethered Labs provides wearable wireless technology for the enterprise security and access control markets. With wide applications in IT security, healthcare, law enforcement, and large business, our solution – GateKeeper – is the first line of defense for protection against unauthorized use of computers in the workplace.

WhoseYourLandlord is a web platform that’s bringing quality to the rental experience by connecting good renters with good home providers through the use of landlord reviews, verified tenant information, and real-time available listings. We target a primarily millennial demographic with more than half our users being college students and young professionals.

RistCall helps hospitals and nursing homes in providing better patient nurse communication using smart watches. With RistCall devices patients can call for help from anywhere in the facility and staff can respond to patient needs ASAP. Administrators can also monitor patient-staff interaction data to improve their quality outcomes.

SRP is a Princeton based big data startup developing “Dynamic Pricing” related products for the self-storage industry. SRP is run by alumni/PhDs from Stanford University and the Wharton School of Business have past startup successes. We have strong traction to date, are engaged with multiple clients, and have defined expansion plans.

Pedul offers the most personal, innovative and secure way to raise and donate money for higher education. We connect today’s youth with the support and resources they need to make their educational dreams a reality. Pedul is a for-profit higher education crowdfunding platform dedicated to alleviating the financial burdens of college.

SHIELDtech Inc. provides an all-in-one product and service college students with a unique solution that uses a wireless panic device, partnered with a smartphone application, to enable the student to quickly and discreetly alert campus police of an emergency at the simple push of a button.  The company provides the wireless panic device, the smartphone application, and the police dispatcher dashboard.

The Outdoor Exchange (OX) is building the world’s largest community marketplace for the listing, discovery, and booking of outdoor gear. We are building that community by selling memberships for an affordable annual fee for access to high quality outdoor gear, and will be taking care of the supply side ourselves. We are also teaming with independent gear rental shops in strategic locations and with particular gear specialties to expand our reach, while simultaneously giving them an e-commerce platform for their goods. We will ultimately open that same platform to our highest rated users, to allow them to rent from others as well as list their own sets of outdoor gear, which typically go unused for the majority of the year, even when in season.



Retail Shopping Systems is transforming in-store shopping!  Our CartMagic product provides shoppers with a dynamic interactive visual experience, mounted right on the shopping cart handlebar.  We enable customers to love their shopping experience; we allow stores to talk to their shoppers; and we let brands and manufacturers engage the world!

MobileXoom (formerly Inspirity) offers a cloud-based B2B platform for businesses to start their mobile strategy starting with a quick and easy conversion of their websites into a mobile version in just 1 click and 1 minute, with further ability to drive ongoing marketing initiatives. Small and medium sized businesses are 99% of the US economy, and the majority of them lack the resources of time, budget and know-how to create a mobile brand for themselves. This puts them at risk of falling behind in targeting consumers who are increasingly going mobile, resulting in losing their market share. As the SMB adoption of mobility is in early phases, this is a big market. MobileXoom aims to bridge this gap for millions of businesses enabling them to participate in this huge mobile technology wave, as well as protect and increase their sales.

Guided by our passion for sport and a reverence for safety, FUSAR seeks to develop the world’s most advanced wearable technologies that will keep you safe on the road and racetrack. We call it hardwear. FUSAR’s inaugural product is the GUARDIAN, the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet.

ASC is a social loyalty platform that helps consumers find and engage with the brands that they love most. We give users the ability to collect and trade digital reward cards from the world’s top brands as well as the hottest up-and-coming designers. Users can collect, trade, play with, and exchange these cards for unique gift packages, discounts, and special access opportunities. Completely backed by customer data and social behavior, ASC makes shopping more fun and affordable than ever.

30 Second Showcase is a mobile application that enables creatives to create one page micro-portfolios (showcases) of their best work; this allows them to get introduced, get discovered, and get the gig.

ShareWatts enables users to share battery charge wirelessly between mobile devices with our hardware. Use our social application to find individuals willing to share battery charge and ‘ take charge’.

Prospect Predict is a SaaS solution that uses predictive analytics to show sales reps exactly where to spend their time.


Invidio is a service for video entertainment that enables viewers to purchase the products and apparel they see on-screen in their favorite TV shows, movies, and music videos.

Inbox,  A smarter messaging experience that manages your text messages like email. Text messaging is life’s ultimate to-do list. Why not treat it that way?

HAZARAI is a social sharing platform into the universe of all things Geek Culture (comic books, graphic novels, action figures, video games, designer toys, etc.); a one-stop destination for fans to collect and organize all their favorite images, videos, and GIFs from around the web, and share them with fellow like-minded enthusiasts on customizable digital Racks.   

Caktus helps people perform better and live healthier by coaching them towards optimal hydration with a solution consisting of a smart sensor and a companion mobile application.

BeautyStat is a search and discovery retail site that gives consumers alerts of beauty product deals, exclusive offers and ways to discover new products that meet their unique beauty needs

SeamBliss is an online platform that allows consumers to connect and collaborate directly with emerging fashion designers for one-off, custom-designed clothing.

QuickCliqs is a mobile platform for planning casual events with small groups of friends.

Photoflow is an event-based photo sharing service that aggregates content from multiple users as well as images from photo booths stationed at venue.

Pervasive Group’s MMGuardian is an ingenious mobile-to-mobile parental control solution for smart phones capable of preventing texting while driving and limiting content and/or usability.

NuSkool is rewriting the curriculum for teachers, offering an online library of lessons for teachers featuring pop-culture content and streaming videos.

NickelBus is an online service for planning long-distance trips using multiple private bus companies.

LivinSport is a social media platform for athletes that connects college recruits, coaches and fans.

Flying Kick has created the ZenMenu, an interactive mobile menu application thoughtfully designed to improve the dining experience.

Echo is a mobile application that connects you with your location through 140 character messages. When you open the app it automatically detects which city you’re in, and provides you with the most recent updates from echo users in that city. It’s a great way to get local news, discover events, and interact with people around you!

CodeSquare is an offline-to-online mobile solution for businesses to instantly engage and reward customers, connect via social media, and lower acquisition costs.